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BODEEWORX is a ‘profit for purpose’ social enterprise with C.I.C. (Community Interest Company) status, passionate about delivering healthy lifestyle opportunities into the heart of rural Cornish communities. We believe that people living in the more rural communities should be able to have more direct access to healthy lifestyle activities right on their doorstep.

By working with local communities, particularly local residents, community/village hall users, voluntary groups, social enterprises, charities, local businesses/organisations and other associates, we are able to offer a range of mobile healthy lifestyle services practically ‘anywhere’ as we bring all the equipment to you – all we ask is that you provide the space.
Any profits are reinvested back into the organisation to further improve the service and to expand its coverage throughout Cornwall.

If you would like to see how we can help your community or are interested in working with us to deliver these facilities in your community then please get in touch.

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What is C.I.C.?
Community Interest Companies

Community Interest Companies (C.I.Cs) are limited companies with special additional features, created to conduct business,
or other activity, for community benefit and not purely for private advantage. This is achieved by a 'community interest test' and an 'asset lock', which ensure that the C.I.C. is established for community purposes to which the assets and profits are dedicated.

Registration of a company as a C.I.C. has to be approved by
the Regulator who also has a continuing monitoring
and enforcement role.

For more about C.I.Cs:

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Who's Who
Working with rural Cornish communities providing ‘on your doorstep’ access to health,
fitness and lifestyle facilities ‘to fit your life’.

Sarah Cowburn

Founder and Director of Community Health & Fitness, Sarah Cowburn, is passionate about supporting people into healthier lifestyles which has stemmed from embarking on her own personal journey, inspired by the London 2012 Olympics, to change her own lifestyle and that of her family.

Sarah believes that there are often too many conflicting pieces of advice out there about what is best to do over something else which just serves to leave many confused and often too demotivated to start.

Small steps soon add up to important lifestyle changes and Sarah is a firm advocate that when it comes to activity and exercise that ‘it doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it and make sure you ENJOY IT!’, coupled with her own philosophy of ‘it doesn’t matter if you have a little bit of what you fancy, just as long as you have more that is good!

Sarah truly believes that a healthier, happier lifestyle should not be complicated or expensive and that it’s a combination of adopting good habits, using the resources around you coupled with the right support
‘To Fit Your Life’.

To Fit Your Life

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