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“There was a real lack of opportunity for structured exercise that met the needs of the individuals that attend our service.  Sarah has worked closely alongside us and her people-centred skills have enabled her to adapt bespoke sessions to cater to everyone’s needs…… The benefits gained by individuals engaging in the sessions have included improved mobility, concentration, confidence, sequencing and motor skills.  The high level of engagement, participation and interaction has been lovely to witness”.  Senior Support Worker (Adults with Learning Disabilities, Autism, Asperger’s), St Austell area

“The feeling of achievement after a session is amazing.  I never thought I would feel so good after exercise.  The way Sarah has made the exercises inclusive for my disability makes me feel part of the group …….. I look forward to Thursday mornings!”  Emma, Bugle

“You have helped me manage my fibromyalgia and asthma and I am exercising more than I thought I would ever be able to do, again. Even on my bad days, you help me through them. Thank you for all your guidance and support”.  Tracie, Bugle

“Really enjoyed my first session. I haven’t done any serious exercise since my late 40’s and am now 65. Enjoyed finding out what I could still do!”   Sue, Treverbyn

“The first exercise session was not too taxing, but I certainly felt muscles I don’t generally use. I think these classes would be good in promoting balance, co-ordination and flexibility as well as increasing core strength and stamina. Thanks Sarah!”   Tim, Stenalees

“BRILLIANT! Great classes with a great atmosphere. I really enjoy what we do and an added bonus is my bad back has gone!!! Sarah really is first class when it comes to training and keeping you motivated”.  Mellissa, Penwithick

“…….. I think it’s safe to say that exercise of any sort does not come easy for me! Yet some how I keep coming back for more! I’ve actually managed to enjoy fitness for once and feel that with the support of Sarah and everyone else that I have improved whilst even having fun!”  Sam, Stenalees

“Great place to work out for all abilities with a fun aspect too.”  Paul, Bugle

“Very good classes, always something new to try and do so keeps interest up.  It’s also good fun!” Steve, St Dennis

“Really great class (Keep Fit at Treverbyn) .  Sarah makes exercise fun and has proved that you can participate at any age and whoever you are and enjoy it.”   Hilary, Nr Newquay

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